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Double Unit Watering system for your tree. (1/2″ drillbit included.)

If your tree trunk is larger than 4″, this is the IV system you need.

(Gallon water bottle not included.)

Product Description

Intravenous Watering System for cut real Christmas trees. Fits all size trunks.

(Gallon water bottle not included.)

Christmas Tree IV How to Use Video Click Here

Christmas Tree IV Instructions – Download Here.

The Original Intravenous Watering system that injects water directly into the heart of the tree through two 1/2” holes drilled into the trunk about 10” above the bottom.

A gallon bottle is placed on a box or small table so that the bottom of the bottle is higher than the hole in the tree to create a simple siphon for water from the bottle.

5 feet of tubing and a shut-off clamp makes for easy refilling. Transfer the tubing to a larger container to insure continuous water supply when away.

The Christmas Tree I-V can be installed even after the tree is fully decorated.


Additional Information

Shipping Method

USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days after processing) – Free, Express Mail – $12.75